Rugby Xplorer is your one stop shop for Rugby Union in Australia.

Once downloaded, Rugby Xplorer will give you access to

  • Registrations
  • Fixtures
  • Ladders
  • Your clubs news feed
  • Learning Center (desktop)
  • Rugby AU, Super Rugby, Six Nations, Lions, AON, and more

Registration at BRUFC is available to:

Junior Players | Training Only | Full Season

Senior Players | Training Only | Weekly | Full Season

Volunteers | Coaches | Managers | Full Season

Social Members | Full Season

Important details you should know about registration

| Registration & Insurance |

Registration for training, playing and volunteering is essential for all ages and grades.

A nominal fee for both new juniors and new seniors is charged for “Training only” to insure a player for training, during pre-season before a player commits to playing for the season. This fee is deducted from a full season fee, should a player chose to register for the season. “Training only” registration does not enable a player to be selected for a playing squad and is only intended for new players, while in the period of deciding if they intend to play.

Playing registration for juniors is a full season fee, the cost of which is dependent upon the age/grade of the player. Please refer to the RugbyXplorer app for full details.  Weekly/casual registration for juniors is by special arrangement only, for juniors on holiday or gap exchange.

Playing registration for seniors can be paid either weekly (formerly known as casual), or for a whole season. Please note that weekly/casual registration is for a maximum of five games in any one season, payment for which cannot be redeemed as part payment for a full season. *Weekly/casual registration is strictly for a 7 day period and will expire at midnight on the seventh day.

| 2021 Competition Season Fees|

Training Only Juniors = $15 redeemable on the price of full season registration

Training Only Seniors = $25 redeemable on the price of full season registration

Under 7’s = $100

Under 8’s = $155

Under 10’s = $155

Under 12’s = $155

Under 14’s = $190

Under 16’s = $190

Under 18’s = $190

Senior Players = $295

Weekly/Casual Snr only up to 20 yrs = $35 Weekly/Casual Snr only 21yrs and over = $55

**Note, this registration is not redeemable on the price of a full season registration and is limited to 5 games per season. Weekly registration for Jnrs is by special application only.

Social Membership = $65

Download the Rugby Xplorer app on your smart phone

Enter you email address

If you have an Xplorer account, you will be prompted for your password

If entered correctly, your account will be found

If you don’t have an account, Sign Up!

From the home page, tap ‘More’

Tap ‘Register’

Select the person to register, by tapping their account

Scroll down and tap ‘Next’

Select ‘Find a Club’

Type ‘Burnside’, and select either Junior RUFC or Burnside RUFC

*Committee and Exec support roles need to register in both

Tap the drop down fields, and use the scroll at the bottom of the screen to select

Continue your registration by entering your details.

*Adding a photo is helpful to match officials

Re: Privacy of your name; Pease select ‘No’ unless you have a legal reason. Only match officials can view your name from the app.

Check your registration summary, agree to the Ts & Cs, and pay.

ZIP pay is available. The agreement is between ZIPpay and the payee (not the rugby club).
The service fee is approximately $6 per month with $0 interest.