Inter & Intrastate Clearances

Clearances for players moving to Burnside from a club outside of South Australia, is initiated by the player using the RugbyXplorer app.

This process requires online approval from the leaving state authority & club, followed by online approval by RUSA. Therefore the process needs to be commenced several days before game day. Only once the clearance is approved, can a player register, be added to a squad and be selected to play.

International Clearances

“All players, who have played rugby union in a country outside of Australia, in accordance with World rugby regulation 4.6.1, require an international clearance before taking the field in Australia. It is the responsibility of the player to complete the clearance process and it is intended that the process be commenced prior to a player leaving their overseas club.”

International clearance is a player initiated process which players are strongly encouraged to commence as soon as they make the decision that they intend to play rugby in Australia, as clearance approvals can be lengthy.

The spirit of an International clearance is verification that a player has no awaiting disciplinary hearings, code of conduct breaches, outstanding judicial matters, and/or no outstanding payments.

Players seeking to gain International Clearance and therefore the right to register and play in Australia, must submit a completed clearance from their last registered union and country. Links to some overseas unions and their clearance forms and policies are below.

England | South Africa | New Zealand | Ireland |Scotland |

Players from Australia seeking to gain International Clearance and therefore the right to register and play overseas, must use the online application form below.

International Player Clearance Application Online Form