Approximately 30% of playing registration fees pays for personal injury insurance.

More information about cover can be found on the Rugby AU website

To submit a claim under the personal injury policy follow the steps below.

Step 1

Complete the Rugby Australia Injury Report form and select ‘Yes’ to Make Insurance Claim. Please note players participating in School based competitions are not eligible to make an insurance claim.

**To have your claim form signed, email to

Step 2

Confirmation of your injury report form submission will be sent via email to the relevant Club/School/Union/Event contact.

Step 3

SLE (The Claims Manager) will provide instructions on how to complete the claim lodgment to the players email address noted in the Injury Report form.

Step 4

SLE (The Claims Manager) will contact you for more information if necessary. Depending on the nature of the claim, this may include: 

  • Club Secretary Declaration
  • Employer Declaration
  • Medical Certificate(s)

Step 5

If your claim is approved, Payment or Payments will be made via EFT to your nominated bank account.