Important things you should know about registration

• ‘Training Only Registration’ is approx. $20 for Snrs and $12 for Jnrs and will be deducted from a full season registration. This covers training only and will not allow you to be selected for a squad or team sheet. It is designed for people who have not played before and wish to be insured while they “come and try” before committing to registration to play.

• ZIP pay is a private agreement between you and the credit company. The fee charged by ZIP pay is approx. $6 per month that you have an outstanding fee. You are responsible for setting up and managing your own account and repayments privately.

• Casual/weekly registration for Snrs is strictly for a 7-day period only. i.e. if you register on a Saturday, your registration will expire the following Friday and you will no longer be able to be selected for the team the following week.

• A maximum of 5 casual/weekly Registrations is permitted per player, per season – This fee is NOT redeemable if you convert to full season Registration.

• Casual registration for Jnrs is by individual approval only – Please contact Club Secretary.

• Please add a Head shot photo. Especially for Jnrs, it will be used by referees and managers.

• When registering, each player has the option to select “Keep my profile private”. This should only be used in the case where a players identity from match officials needs to be kept private (matters before the court, DIAO’s, witness protection or other family law matters). Players details are not made public and are only used for the purpose of identifying players during a game (disciplinary, scoring, substitution, record keeping).

If a player requires anonymity or you have any questions regarding personal details, please contact the club secretary

• In registering for BRUFC, you are giving permission for photos taken by club members to be used and published on our website and social media. If you do not wish to have your photo taken or used, the onus is on you, the player/parent/guardian to make these wishes expressly known to the club secretary or another executive committee member.

• Dispensated players can only register after the dispensation process has been approved by RUSA.

• Coaches, managers, all volunteers Inc., Ground Marshals, Committee & Social members need to register.

• Primary school aged and Junior Secondary school Jnrs may be eligible for a $100 sports voucher (*subject to State Govt Funding and conditions) to assist with fee payment.

• Registration for all grades includes Insurance, Rugby Union SA fees, Competition fees, and a small portion is kept by BRUFC. The percentage of registration fee kept by the club is minimal.

• For support with registration please refer to your team manager.