Ground Marshals (GMs) are an essential and valued part of our club as each of our 11 teams are required to appoint a GM for every game of the minor round. We encourage all of our community members to take part and volunteer as Ground Marshal whenever possible. It is a good idea to be prepared in the event that your team manager approaches you to take part in a team roster. The steps to becoming a GM are as follows;

  1. Familiarise yourself with the Ground Marshal Policy – July 2020 and BRUFC Ground Marshal policy policies
  2. Undertake the short online GM training module (Highly recommended) via Rugby Australia’s learning centre
  3. Register as a Volunteer to the relevant club (Burnside RUFC or Burnside Junior RUFC) in Rugby Xplorer.
  4. Notify the club secretary via email so that you can be listed as a GM for your specific team, in the Match Day App.
  5. Seek out the team manager prior to Kick-off on game day, follow the processes outlined in the policies & training & don the purple GM vest.