The highest honour and recognition a member can be awarded.

The constitutional criteria for nomination to become a life member is that the nominee must be of good standing, and have contributed 10 years of outstanding service to the club.

Approval of a nomination made by the executive committee, requires a two thirds majority of AGM attendees vote in favour.

M Gunn
G English
J Maualaivao & M Maualaivao
R Lowe
K Ashby
I Hamilton
M Meridith
P Stevenson
A Hamilton
P O’Sullivan
G Geracitano
P Wilson
M De Vizio
M Henry
B Gray
G Howat
K Phelps
G Noel
N Hamilton
G Twohill
M Roderick
E Pila
S Foreman
W Bell
E Thompson
J M Turner
P R Baker
I L Coulter
R I Arthur
R A Sewer
D R Turner
A Bailey
J O Bradley
J E Stankovich
B M Alexander
G J Dow
M J Hocking
R O’Toole
G Hill
L K Buttery
B P Fopp
N H Davidson
K Van Diemen