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Code of Conduct

Burnside rugby club and all members are bound by the State and National RugbyAUCodeofConduct (1)

Policies and Guidelines

All policies and guidelines for South Australian Rugby clubs can be found on the RUSA website.

Ground Marshals

Ground Marshals (GMs) are an essential and valued part of the club as each of our 11 teams are required to appoint a GM for every game of the minor round. We encourage all of our community members to take part and volunteer as Ground Marshal whenever possible. The steps to becoming a GM are as follows;

  1. Familiarise yourself with the Ground Marshal Policy – July 2020 and BRUFC Ground Marshal policy policies
  2. Undertake the short online GM training module (Highly recommended) via Rugby Australia’s learning centre
  3. Register as a Volunteer in Rugby Xplorer. Instructions can be found on the |Registration, Fixtures & Ladders | page of this site
  4. Notify the club secretary via email secretary@burnsiderugbyclub.com so that you can be listed as a GM in the Match Day App
  5. Seek out the team Manager prior to Kick-off on game day & don the purple GM vest.


Dispensation is a process of application, assessment and approval for a player to play outside of their natural age/grade. Dispensation can be applied for by;

  • Players with a disability
  • Players intending to participate in a gender competition other than that stated on their birth certificate
  • Jnr players, to play in an age/grade above or below their natural age/grade, for reasons of weight/height and/or experience and skill level.
  • Female Jnrs, from the ages of 12 to 15, to play in mixed gender teams
  • Female Jnrs, 16yrs or over to play in the Snr women’s competition
  • Male Jnrs, 16yrs or over to play in the Snr men’s competition

The dispensation process is as follows;

  1. Discussion and agreement with Coach(s) and BRUFC Director of rugby
  2. Parental consent form completed and emailed to Director of rugby
  3. Director of Rugby forwards consent form to Rugby Union SA with request for assessment
  4. Rugby Union SA notifies of next available date, and performs functional capability dispensation assessment
  5. Approval (or otherwise) notification is sent to club Secretary and Director of rugby
  6. Player eligible to play in dispensated age/grade
  7. Re-assesment by Rugby Union SA may occur to continue or revert dispensation.

Relevant forms

Rugby AU Age Grade Dispensation Procedure

Rugby AU Age Grade Dispensation Flow Chart

Rugby AU Jnr Age Grade Guidelines Table

Rugby AU Age Grade Dispensation Parent Guardian Consent Form

Rugby AU Mixed Gender Dispensation Procedure 

Rugby AU Gender Identity Dispensation Procedure 

Rugby AU Disability Dispensation Procedure

Inter & Intrastate Clearances

Clearances for players moving from either, a club outside of South Australia or within the state competition, must be initiated using the RugbyXplorer app. Only once the clearance is approved by the relevant club and state authority, can a player register and be selected to play.

International Clearances

All players, who have played rugby union in a country outside of Australia, in accordance with World rugby regulation 4.6.1, require an international clearance before taking the field in Australia. It is the responsibility of the player to complete the clearance process and it is intended that the process be commenced prior to a player leaving their overseas club.”

International clearance is a player initiated process which players are strongly encouraged to commence as soon as they make the decision that they intend to play rugby in Australia, as clearance approvals can be lengthy.

The spirit of an International clearance is verification that a player has no awaiting disciplinary hearings, code of conduct breaches, outstanding judicial matters, and/or no outstanding payments.

Players seeking to gain International Clearance and therefore the right to register and play in Australia, must submit a completed clearance from their last registered union and country. Links to some overseas unions and their clearance forms and policies are below.

England | South Africa | New Zealand | Ireland |Scotland |

Players from Australia seeking to gain International Clearance and therefore the right to register and play overseas, must use the online application form below.


BRUFC Inc Constitution Current at 2008

BRUFC Inc draft updated Constitution 2020